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Our services

Propel fitness is moving forward with the gym industry, we offer a diverse range of free weights, 5 squat racks, special strength and back rehab machines such as the belt squat and reverse hyper. We Sell our own branded NZ made Supplements and Our facility is suitable for beginners and recovery focused people yet also caters for high performance athletes, strength and speed sports.

On top of this we have Personal Trainers, on site Physiotherapy, Power-lifting competitions and our own unique offerings of strength and rehab group activities.

small group


Classes limited to 4 persons, primarily covering technique and systems for maximally improving the barbell Squat, Dead-lift, Bench Press and Overhead Press. Run in 12 week blocks Tues/Fri mornings 730-830am.

Brotein & Bromance Supplements

We are lucky enough to stock Brotein NZ sourced and made no nonsense clean whey protein. At Propel our aim is to become an NZ only Supplement store sourcing and stocking Bromance Supplements range of clean and effective products.



We Offer boxfit and circuit free to members, our specialty course include small group strength and our 10 week kick-starter program which come at additional cost. In 2019 we plan to Launch new offerings so watch this space.



We have a range of Personal Trainer catering to a range of needs from Strength, Cardio, Rehab, Muscle Gain and performance. Available for 1on1 and small groups, rates vary but start at $25/30m and $45/hr.

Training & Nutrition


For athletes or individuals looking for tailored and personalized programs specific to there needs our PT's are capable of providing direction and advice on Training and Nutrition for either performance weight gain/loss or health.



From Time to Time we will be running Seminars on topics ranging from health and wellness to training and performance and much more, updates will be primarily through our mailing lists or social media.

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